my first bokeh

My friends at Well Preserved hosted their first BringYourOwnBarSnacks event at my favorite bar the Avro last night. I thought it would be nice to take a few photos and kinda brand them using the bokeh technique. What’s that? Well, points of light take on the shape of the aperture when thrown out of focus, so I made a bokeh with the initials WP to fit over my zoom lens to change the shape of the light entering my camera.

I should have taken my tripod knowing how dark the bar is but I just didn’t feel like carrying it all that way in a snowstorm. Anyhow. A little hand-held blur never hurt anyone.


don’t try this at home

Actually, don’t try this at all. Did you know that T-shirt iron-on’s don’t stick to eggs very well?

Nope. And then there’s that breakage issue.

This Easter, go for the model making decals if you want custom fancy-pant eggs.