a very sad goodbye

It seems like yesterday that I posted this photo for a second time on my blog- and what a wonderful reason for it then when Jack Layton led the NDP to new heights!

Today I turned on my radio and was met with the sad news that Jack had passed away.

I live in Toronto in his riding, and was lucky to have met and photographed him and Olivia in maybe the nicest way possible- a beautiful summer day in T.O. at one of our famous festivals, Caribana.

So here it is again, Jack and Olivia in 2009.

Canada will miss you.


more Holga Holidays!

Welcome to the Holga Holidays!

I’ll be posting photos I’ve dug out of my archives (1999-2003) throughout the holiday season.

A Holga is a plastic toy camera that takes 2 1/4 roll film and was a basic as you could get– essentially a glorified pinhole camera with a hotshoe mount.

I had a bunch of the original models that I ordered from California and modified myself. Eventually it found it’s way into the mainstream and the cameras you can now buy at Urban Outfitters have perks like bulb settings or even (gasp!) a glass lens.

I became addicted in the late nineties and was rarely without one for a few years after that. I loved the large negative, the vignetted corners, the focus fall off and that it weighed just as much as a potato. If I avoided modern items like water bottles and logos, the crappiness gave my photos a timeless feel I really admired too– of course, they’re so obviously Holga photos that this in itself places them within a certain time frame.

I hope you enjoy!

Happy Holidays!

film from the past

I’ve been digging through old cd’s of scans and thought it might be nice to share some of my forgotten photos with you over the holiday season.

Start off here with two 35mm frames from an olympus point&shoot contact sheet (these are circa 2001) I scanned for some reason.

Jeesh. Even my crap photos look good on film.