this was too freakin’ sweet!

Local summer camp’s free arcade day at the park!
Neighbourhood kids made all sorts of games out of cardboard boxes, masking tape and paint. I tried to play about all 20+ games, though several were out of order as they kept blowing over in the wind resulting in many squeals and the chasing down of blown away tickets and masking tape balls. One kid gave up and was just walking around wearing his game– yup, that’s him behind me while playing the ring toss.
Hands down favorite was ‘whack-a-princess’ with the little girl hiding inside the box and popping a paper princess-on-a-stick up through holes, including out the side of the box (which she announced so I would be sure to whack it) and then feeding the winning tickets out from underneath.
In the end, I redeemed my gazillion tickets at the prize table for a piece of plastic nostalgia and went for an ice cream.